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We always welcome new members.

Monthly meetings are held in the Banstead Community Hall in Park Road, Banstead, SM7 3AJ.  

Artists interested in joining the Group are invited to submit three examples of their work to the Committee at one of our monthly meetings.  If invited to join, they will be offered Associate or Full membership.  Associate members are entitled to attend all group activities but may not be eligible to exhibit at the Annual Exhibition.  Full members are also entitled to attend all group activities and are eligible to exhibit at the Annual Exhibition.

Please note that Full members (new and current) must have attended at least four group meetings in the immediate preceding twelve months to be eligible to exhibit at the Annual Exhibition.  All exhibiting members are required to assist with stewarding at the exhibition and encouraged to help with the organisation.

Annual subscription is £50 and payable in January (please note special consideration is given to members joining after June).

For more details and an application form please use the Contact page.

Your Privacy

When making an application to become a member we will require a membership application to be made and submitted in written form. Your application will remain  as a paper document and held on file until such time as a place becomes available or you decide not to join, at which point your application will be destroyed. BAG takes the storing of your data very seriously and at no time will it be shared with anyone other than the board members. Applications to request details of data held by us, about you, will be responded to within the 30 day guidelines but more likely will be sooner. Any information we do hold about you will be destroyed at your request.


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